Spin Palace Casino UK

The Spin Palace Casino UK is one of the most well established and well known casinos available online offering spectacular games to its players. The casino was first set up in 2001 in response to the growing demand for online casino games. The areas that Spin Palace Casino UK has huge player numbers include Australasia, Europe, the Americas and Asia. The casino prides itself on offering a premier service to its players which includes superb 24 hour customer support and very high payout rate of up to 97%. The Spin Palace Casino UK supports Microgaming games and therefore has some of the most advanced UK online Slots in the market. The Spin Palace Casino UK offers some exceptional new player bonuses that make playing at the casino for the first time very attractive for players. These deposit bonuses give players the chance to enjoy free credits at the casino which ultimately increases their chances of winning. The casino has won numerous awards over the years by different reviewing magazines which have helped them cement themselves as one of the best online casinos available. The casino is fully regulated by all of the appropriate governing bodies proving that it’s a trustworthy operator.

Spin Palace Casino UK is a dedicated online casino and does not offer any other products like bingo, sports book or poker making it a very specialist operator. The other operators like the Unibet Casino UK and the Boyle Casino UK are both companies that are more famous for their sports betting offerings. The Stargames Casino UK does not offer a sports book but does offer poker as well as its most popular casino offering. The fact that the Spin Palace Casino UK dedicates itself to offering one type of product results in it offering a truly excellent and market leading specialist service to its players. The games that the Spin Palace Casino UK offers include the very popular Baccarat, Craps, Roulette and Blackjack. These different games are presented in lots of different styles and options for players to enjoy and have proved massively popular with players. The most popular games available at Spin Palace Casino UK are the slot games that are powered by Microgaming offering players a very exciting playing experience. The games not only offer sensational themes and amazing graphics and sound but offer a very real chance for players to make excellent winnings through excellent game play.

The slot games that are available at the Spin Palace Casino UK include the titles based on very popular smash movie hits. The most notable of these is the Lord of the Rings game that takes players on a fantasy adventure deep into middle earth. The adventure takes the player on a quest to protect the special ring and defeat the evil forces to bring happiness and wealth to the player. The Lord of the Rings title is one of the most spectacular in the Spin Palace Casino UK range featuring all of the very famous characters from the film. The other games based on smash hit movies in the Spin Palace Casino UK range include Hitman, Tomb Raider and Hellboy that both recreate the fantastic movie experience to players. The Hellboy game places players in the harsh and hard world of this vicious superhero on a quest for victory over dark forces. The Hitman game places players in the role of the famous killer who is assigned a mission to take down a target and be awarded with lots of cash. The other excellent movie themed slot at the Spin Palace Casino UK is the Tomb Raider game that places players in the shoes of the famous and brave explorer Lara Croft on the hunt for gold.

The amount of choice and variety in games at the Spin Palace Casino UK is absolutely superb and one of the best available on the internet. The other slots available to players when visiting the Spin Palace Casino UK include the very exciting Thunderstruck game that takes players on an amazing fantasy adventure to the world of ice kings and queens. The game features brilliant very detailed characters and animations of Viking ships which look fantastic on the reels. To show the variety available at the Spin Palace Casino UK there is also novelty themed slot available to players including Christmas based games like Santas Wild Ride. The Santa game is a fun one featuring an animated Santa and his fun filled antics surrounding the Christmas period including sexy female Santa’s, motorbikes and beer. The variety of games available Spin Palace Casino UK is excellent and offers players an opportunity to find a theme that they really relate to and enjoy. An example of the diversity in the slot games offered is the Super It Up game that is based on high performing cars and is presented in excellent visual and sound effects. The sound effects of the slot are amazing as they produce different motoring noises like cars breaking and horns blowing that really add to the overall effect of the slot.

The Spin Palace Casino UK also offers sports themed games like the Centre Court title in an effort to appeal to sports fans. The Centre Court slot is a beautifully put together game featuring a background of a grass court representing the Wimbledon tennis tournament. The slot games in the Spin Palace Casino UK are provided by the super software company Microgaming and as a result the effects in the various games are outstanding. The visual effects of the slot games are truly excellent as they are moving images that displayed in crystal clear quality and vibrant colours. The importance of the visual and sound effects for players is very high as these are the physical attributes of the game that the players are exposed to. In conclusion of the Spin Palace Casino UK is that it offers players an excellent chance to play at a very safe and high performing casino with an excellent customer support team. The payout rates across all of the different Spin Palace Casino UK games are very high offering players a great chance of winning. The range of excellent games available to players is huge and players are guaranteed to find a game that is perfect for them.