Novoline Xtra Hot

The Novoline Xtra Hot game is a traditional themed slot game that gives players the chance to focus on playing a game without a difficult and intricate theme to follow. The other UK online slots have a variety of more complex themes like fantasy, action and adventure, animated or history games that allow players to play through a more involved story. An example of an animated slot game is the excellent Novoline Beetle Mania slot that gives players the chance to play a game with cute and fun animated characters. The Novoline Xtra Hot game instead of one of these complicated themes concentrates on electric and hot action with very traditional fruit symbols. The Novoline Xtra Hot game presents this very simple theme with powerful visual and sound effects which manage to create an electric playing atmosphere. The games designers worked very hard to create as high a tempo playing environment as possible through the games various visual components. These very well finished visual components in the Novoline Xtra Hot game consist of the background, symbols and the title text. The symbols that are used in the game consist of the various fruits, the lemons, oranges and plums and the 7, Star and X.

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The symbols in the Novoline Xtra Hot game are detailed on the screen in fantastic graphics as they are finished with very crisp and clean effects. The symbols are produced on the screen with fantastic colours that really allow them to stand out from the screen. One of the visual highlights in the Novoline Xtra Hot game occurs when the symbols are involved in creating a winning line combination. The winning line combination triggers a bolt of electricity to flow through the symbols involved in creating the winning line which looks fantastic. The background in the Novoline Xtra Hot game is a combination of blue and purple colours that looks excellent and really enhances the slots electric and turbo charged feel. The way that the blue and purple colours fuse together is brilliant and really enhances the delivery of the slots theme. The background also includes silver lightning bolts shooting across the screen which looks fantastic and really builds on the slots intense feeling. The title text in the Novoline Xtra Hot game is another excellent visual feature of the slot as the text is placed centrally at the top of the screen. The colour of the text is a bright red which is done to build on the slots fiery burning hot theme.

These three different visual components combine brilliantly in the Novoline Xtra Hot game to create a fantastic looking and very intense feeling slot game. The other important part of the slot game to players is the sound effects that are used to enhance the games overall appearance. The sound effects in the Novoline Xtra Hot game are excellent as they are short and sharp electronic tones that manage to successful raise the slots tempo. The raising of the slots tempo builds on the games fiery hot theme which is a superb effect for players. The games three bonus rounds all have their own sound effect that is played when they are triggered which enhances the performance for players. The various winning line combinations in the Novoline Xtra Hot game all have their own individual sound effects that are played to symbolize that they have been rolled in. The sound and the visual effects in the Novoline Xtra Hot slot combine really well to create a great looking and sounding slot game with a great themed atmosphere. The game play on offer in the game is of the highest possible standard and perfect for players who like a fast paced playing experience.

The format of the Novoline Xtra Hot game is a five reel and five win line format which is a small and simple set up that encourages a fast flowing slot game. The player has to choose between spinning the reels with one and five win lines active, the more win lines active means the more chance a player has of winning. The more win lines that are active means the more expensive every spin of the reels is so this is a decision players need to make carefully. The overall aim in the Novoline Xtra Hot game is to line up a minimum of three symbols next to each other to create a winning line combination. If the player manages to line up four or five symbols adjacently then the winning amount increase. The various winning amounts for the different symbols and winning line combinations can be seen in the games pay table. The Novoline Xtra Hot slot has three different bonus features up for grabs and these are the substitute, scatter and the gamble bonus. The scatter and the substitute bonus in the Novoline Xtra Hot game are both represented by the very important star symbol.

The scatter bonus in the Novoline Xtra Hot game is activated when the player manages to spin in three of the star symbols onto the screen at once. This action activates the scatter bonus which is a special bonus payment to the player. The second bonus in the Novoline Xtra Hot game is the substitute bonus this is where the star has the power to swap with any other symbol in the game. The star having the ability to do this vastly improves player’s chances of creating a winning line combination. The final bonus in the Novoline Xtra Hot game is the famous gamble feature that offers players the chance to rapidly increase their prize fund. This excellent slot game can be enjoyed at the Stargames Casino UK where players also have the choice of a variety of other classic titles. The game that is most similar to this Novoline Xtra Hot title is the very fast paced Novoline Sizzling Hot slot which is very similar to this other excellent game. The overall conclusion of this slot game is that it offers players a first class simple theme with incredibly exciting game play due to its fast moving style of play.