Novoline Reel King

One of the premier and finest slots that was a household name in land based casinos is the wonderful Novoline Reel King game. The game offers players a fantastic game playing experience that is perfect for the more advanced players wanting a challenging and fun slot. The theme of the Novoline Reel King game is a royal one where the slot is centered on Kings and royalty. The royal theme is excellent as it symbolizes the classy and premier playing experience that the slot game offers players. The other games in the Novoline range offer very different themes which feature complicated storylines an example of this is the Novoline Lucky Ladies Charm game. This game transports players to a fantasy game featuring a travelling lady searching a mysterious land for a lucky charm. This is a complicated theme and storyline for a slot game to present and the Novoline Reel King slot offers players the chance to play a much simpler themed game. The simple theme in the Novoline Reel King game allows players the chance to concentrate on spinning the reels successfully and creating winning line combinations. The visual and sound effects that are used to present the simple royal theme are excellent and really bring the game to life.

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The visual effects in the Novoline Reel King game are very clever and consist of the background, the symbols and the title text. The background used in the slot is in keeping with the games royal theme and features the kings royal emblem wallpapered all over the screen in a royal blue colour. The colour of the background and the king’s emblem look fantastic on the screen and enhances the games royal theme brilliantly. The symbols used in the Novoline Reel King slot include the traditional 10, J, Q, K and A and the various fruits. The special symbols in the game consist of the pot of gold symbol and the joker symbol. The traditional symbols are detailed in crisp and clear animation with very bright and vibrant colours that looks fantastic on the screen. The special symbols are a massive visual highlight in the Novoline Reel King game as they are drawn in fantastic animation that looks great. The title text in the Novoline Reel King is another excellent feature that really enhances the games royal theme. The title text features gold writing placed on a red royal banner surrounded by two crowns that look excellent.

The three different visual components of the game combine brilliantly well to create a very visually appealing slot game. The other important physical element of the slot game is the sound effects that are played to players. The sound effects in the Novoline Reel King slot are cleverly crafted together electronic tones that create a royal sounding tune and these effects go perfectly at enhancing the games royal theme and overall image. The various winning line combinations in the Novoline Reel King title are all greeted when they arrive on the reels with their own unique sound effect. The random bonus round in the game has a very unique sound effect that sounds brilliant when the bonus is triggered. The game play in the Novoline Reel King slot is the biggest highlight for players as it offers them the chance to enjoy a potentially very lucrative and highly exciting game. The Novoline Reel King game runs of a five reels and twenty win line format which give players a large amount of flexibility. If players would rather play a game with less win lines available the Novoline Sizzling Hot game is a good option as it only has five.

The overall aim of the Novoline Reel King game is for players to line up five of the same symbols from the left to the right across the five reels. The various symbols in this excellent example of a UK online slots game all pay different amounts to the player and these can be seen in the games pay table. The Novoline Reel King game features three different bonuses the random, substitute and the gamble feature. The first random bonus can reward the player greatly as it can pay out up to 500x the stake to players making them very wealthy. The bonus can be triggered completely randomly at the end of a winning or losing spin, the bonus features a special noise sounding and between one and five kings float out over the reels. The king’s hand out winnings to the player whilst floating out over the reels and will disappear as quickly as they appeared. The second bonus in the Novoline Reel King game is the substitute bonus that is represented by the joker symbol. The joker symbol has the power to swap with any other symbol in the Novoline Reel King game in order to create a winning line combination.

The third and final bonus up for grabs is the very common gamble bonus that is seen across the Novoline range. The gamble bonus is an optional feature offered to players at the end of every winning spin of the reels. If the player accepts the gamble bonus in the Novoline Reel King game they are taken to a new screen where they are presented with a deck of cards. The player then needs to correctly guess the colour of the next card drawn from the deck of cards to double their prize fund. If the player guesses the colour of the next card incorrectly it will lead to them losing their entire prize fund. The gamble feature in the Novoline Reel King game gives players the chance to aggressively raise their prize fund. Players should bear in mind that the pot of gold symbol is the jackpot symbol in the Novoline Reel King game and if five of these symbols appear across the winning line a huge payment is made. The Novoline Reel King game offers players the chance to play a high performing slot game with excellent bonus rounds and winning potential. The game is very similar to the Novoline Plenty on Twenty game and players could also try this slot for a thrilling playing experience.