Novoline Book of Ra

The Novoline Book of Ra is one of the best selling and most successful of all the UK online slots because of its very exciting action and adventure theme. The games great theme is presented through outstanding visual and sound effects and the slot also has very intricate and exciting game play features. The exciting theme in the Novoline Book of Ra game places the player into the shoes of an explorer who learns the story of a very famous book. The book has been lost for many hundreds of years and is rumored to have the power to unlock the location of the world’s largest lost treasure. The player’s quest to find the ancient book in the Novoline Book of Ra game is filled with excitement and danger as the player travels into ancient Egypt. The Novoline Book of Ra game features lots of different Egyptian mythology and involves the player travelling through pyramids and sarcophaguses to find the book. The theme that the game presents to players is incredibly exciting and players will love the chance to escape into this amazing adventure. The theme is brilliantly delivered to players through excellent visual and sound effects that immerse the player in the Egyptian adventure.

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The visual effects in the Novoline Book of Ra game are of the highest possible quality and look fantastic on the screen. The slots appearance can be broken down into three different main categories the background, the symbols and the title text. The background of the Novoline Book of Ra game looks fantastic as it details the inside of an Egyptian pyramid that really enhances the games theme well. The inside of the Egyptian pyramid is shown in a golden colour with hieroglyphics displayed all over the slots screen which looks fantastic. The symbols used in the Novoline Book or Ra game are a visual highlight of the slot and are a combination of the traditional and themed symbols. The traditional symbols include the 10, J, Q, K and A and are displayed in Egyptian scripted fonts in colours that glow mysteriously. The glow and the font of the symbols really add to the games Egyptian theme. The themed symbols in the game include scarabs, sarcophaguses, statues, explorer and the all important book. These symbols are presented in great quality with very strong and vibrant colours really adding to the quality of the Novoline Book of Ra slots appearance.

If the themed symbols are involved in creating a winning line combination the winning symbol performs a 3D movement. This 3D movement is a highlight of the Novoline Book of Ra slot for players as it really brings the game to life and the effect looks great on the screen. The title text of the Novoline Book of Ra game is a combination of blue and red colours presented in chunky bold font that looks excellent. The game features different Egyptian images behind the title text including pyramids and camels that really enhance the games theme to players. The combination of the three different visual elements in the Novoline Book of Ra game work together brilliantly to create a very attractive display that delivers the games theme brilliantly. The sound effects are the other very important part of the slot games physical appearance that players are exposed to. The sound effects in the Novoline Book of Ra game are very cleverly put together electronic tones that create an Egyptian feel to the slot. One of the other titles that is available online with sound effects that are of the same high quality as this game is the excellent IGT Transformers slot.

The game play of the Novoline Book of Ra game is fantastic as the game includes some excellent bonus features and a good slot format. The format of the slot is a five reel and ten win line set up where players have a good amount of flexibility over there win line selection. The player needs to select between spinning the reels with one and ten win lines active. The more win lines that a player chooses means the more chance they have of winning but it also means the spin of the reels becomes more expensive. The overall aim of the Novoline Book of Ra game is to line up five of the same symbol across the five reels adjacently to create a winning line combination. The Novoline Book of Ra game features three great bonuses that offer different ways for players to quickly increase their prize fund. The first of these bonuses in the Novoline Book of Ra game is the scatter feature which is represented by the book symbol. The player needs to spin in three of the book symbols on the screen to active the scatter bonus which is ten free spins to the player.

The player before the free spins starts are shown a special symbol and if this special symbol arrives on the reels during the free spins the player’s winnings are multiplied. The second bonus available in the Novoline Book of Ra game is the substitute bonus that is represented by the book symbol. The book symbol has the ability to swap with any other to create a winning line combination which really benefits players. The final bonus in the Novoline Book of Ra game is the gamble feature that gives players the chance to double or lose their winnings on one chance fifty / fifty bet. The Novoline Book of Ra game gives players numerous chances to enhance their prize fund and is based on a very exciting story. The Novoline Book of Ra game can be played online at the Stargames casino either for free stars or for money. Another great title that can be played at this fantastic casino is the Novoline Lucky Ladies Charm game that is a fantasy adventure based in a weird and wonderful fantasy land. If players want to try another slot there is the Novoline Xtra Hot game that is a much more traditional slot game based on the old school land based casino games.