Netent Tiki Wonders

The Netent Tiki Wonders game is a feel good and fun title available at the fantastic casino recommended in this guide that takes players on an exotic and wonderful adventure. The slot is set in the Caribbean seas on a tropical Hawaiian island and features many traditional Hawaiian elements that enhance the feeling of being on an island. The Netent Tiki Wonders games tropical theme is one that players will love as it will instantly remind players of being in a dream location lying on a beach in the sun. The Netent Tiki Wonders game will remind players of beautiful Hawaiian music being played as they lie on the beach enjoying the sun. Players are placed on a beautiful holiday in a dream location which will instantly bring images of happiness and creates an excellent playing atmosphere. The fun holiday theme is completed in the Netent Tiki Wonders game with the inclusion of different holiday cocktails, surfer dudes and beautiful women. The combination of the sun, sea, beach and different holiday elements make the game highly enjoyable and very effective in delivering a feel good feeling to players. The fun holiday theme is effectively delivered through excellent visual and sound effects that manage to immerse the player in the fun feel good atmosphere.

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The sound effects in the Netent Tiki Wonders game are brilliant and highly effective in delivering the games Hawaiian theme. The sounds include the sea washing up on the shore in the background and every time the reels are spun a Hawaiian set of drums are played. The different winning line combinations and various bonus rounds in the Netent Tiki Wonders slot all have their own unique Hawaiian drum sound. The unique drum sound is played to signify that the bonus or winning line has been activated which is a fantastic effect. The sound effects in this game are of the highest possible standard and only the Netent Arabian Nights game comes close in terms of quality. The visual effects in the Netent Tiki Wonders game are sensational as they brilliantly recreate the island of Hawaii so that players actually feel that they are there. The background in the Netent Tiki Wonders game is a screenshot of an island featuring the sea, a beach and beautiful green palm trees with a mountain in the distance. This background ultimately shows a tropical paradise which is an effect that players will love. The next important visual effect in this excellent example of UK online slots is the symbols that are rolled in on the reels.

The symbols in the Netent Tiki Wonders game are excellent and feature different elements of a holiday in the Caribbean including five different types of very colourful cocktails in various exotic glasses. The other symbols include the dolphin, parrot, lizard and turtle animals that are drawn in fantastic colourful cartoon animation. The special symbols in the Netent Tiki Wonders game are the surfer dude, star and beautiful Hawaiian lady that are all detailed in fantastic colourful animation. The next important visual effect in the Netent Tiki Wonders slot is the title text that is placed at the top and middle of the games main screen. The title text is a combination of two different coloured fonts that are detailed in a fun and chunky font with a face mask to the left. The slots fantastic visual effects are matched by another top performing slot game, the Netent Icy Wonders game, that offers player similarly great effects. The combination of the sound and visual effects in the Netent Tiki Wonders game manages to create an excellent overall playing atmosphere. The most important element of the slot that comes above the games theme, visual and sound effects is the slots game play.

The game play of the Netent Tiki Wonders slot is typical of a Net Entertainment game as it provides players with an excellent format and amazing bonus features. The format of the slot game is a five reel and thirty win line game giving players a large amount of choice over their win line selection. The large amount of choice makes the game slightly more complex meaning the Netent Tiki Wonders game is perfect for the more advanced players. The aim for players in the Netent Tiki Wonders game is to line up a minimum of three of the same symbols across the win line. The more symbols that form a line mean the higher the payment that is made to the player. The Netent Tiki Wonders game has numerous bonuses on offer that can make the player very successful on their playing session. The first of these bonuses is the wild bonus which is represented by the surfer dude symbol that has the power to swap with other symbols to form a winning line. The surfer dude symbol if involved in forming a winning line of surfer dudes pays a high winning amount making this one of the best symbols to roll into the screen.

The next very important bonus in the Netent Tiki Wonders game is the scatter bonus and to activate this player’s need to spin in three, four of five of the beautiful lady symbols. The more beautiful ladies that arrive on the screen means the more free spins are awarded to the player. The free spins in the Netent Tiki Wonders game all pay the player on a multiplier of three making this an excellent bonus feature. The final and most lucrative bonus for players to trigger in the Netent Tiki Wonders game is shown by the star symbols. If the player manages to spin in four or five star symbols on the screen at any one time then the mega or wonder jackpot is played to the player. The mega and wonder jackpot amounts are displayed at the top of the screen for players to see at all times making the bonus very desirable. The combination of the various bonuses in the Netent Tiki Wonders slot make it an excellent place for players to enjoy spinning the reels as they can finish the game very profitably. The slot is an excellent option for players thanks to its fun theme and amazing game play, another similar game players could try is the Netent Mega Fortune game.