Netent Mega Joker

The Netent Mega Joker is a very traditional slot game aimed to make players believe they are in a land based casino. The slot is so effective in delivering this theme that players will actually feel they are walking down the isle of a land based casino. The traditional theme centers on the very simple and traditional fruit symbols that are famous for belonging to slot machines. The first slot machine was invented over 100 years ago and there huge popularity has grown and evolved over the years along with the machines design. This Netent Mega Joker game accurately depicts a machine from several years ago and really gives players a fun retro feeling when they spin the reels. The popularity of the machines from this decade was huge as they made up over 70% of a casinos overall revenue. The Netent Mega Joker games retro and traditional theme is delivered through very clever visual and sound effects that allow the slot to come alive. The visual effects in the Netent Mega Joker game totally immerse the player with the feeling of being in a land based casino and this will fill the player with excitement. This game is very different from the other video slots available from Net Entertainment like the Netent Tiki Wonders slot.

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The visual effects of the Netent Mega Joker game consist of the slots background, symbols and the title text. The background of the slot shows the outline of the standard land based machine with the plants and walls of the casino lining the background. The centre of the screen displays the actual machine which is an exact replica of the machines found in land based casinos. This background makes the Netent Mega Joker traditional and retro theme very effective and really brings it to life. The symbols used in the Netent Mega Joker are the joker, seven, watermelon, cherries, plum, lemon, orange, bell and chest. These are all very traditional symbols that would commonly be found in traditional land based casino machines. The symbols are all detailed in excellent style and are very colourful allowing them to stand out from the screen. The most exciting symbol in the game is the very valuable joker that is designed in great cartoon style and looks excellent on the reels. The title text in the Netent Mega Joker game runs along the top of the machine and looks excellent on the screen as it clearly and concisely conveys the games name.

The combination of the different visual effects in the Netent Mega Joker slot work brilliantly well at creating a very visual appealing and attractive slot game. The sound effects used in this fine example of UK online slots are very simple and in keeping with the games traditional theme. The sounds in the Netent Mega Joker game are the reels spinning that very accurately recreate the noises heard from a land based machine which is excellent at enhancing the games theme. The sound and visual effects used in this slot are very basic and if players want a more detailed and exciting looking game they can try the Netent Super Lucky Frog game. These games are both available for players to try either for money or for free at the brilliant casino that is highly recommend in this guide. This casino is incredibly popular with a range of players from over 100 countries due to its multilingual customer support team and wonderful payout rates. The game play available at the Netent Mega Joker slot is again in keeping with the games traditional and simple theme as players can expect a fast moving and fun playing experience. The format of the Netent Mega Joker game is a three reel and five win line machine.

The smaller five win line format in the Netent Mega Joker game gives players a small amount of choice over their win line selection. The small amount of choice makes for a fast flowing game that is perfect for beginners. Most other slots operate on a five reel basis so this three reel game makes the slot much easier to play. The Netent Mega Joker game features two different sections the bottom standard section and the top supermeter mode that also features another three reels and five win lines. The player has the option to transfer to the top section after achieving a winning combination on the bottom half of the game. The overall aim of the Netent Mega Joker game is to line up three of the same symbols across the three reels to create a winning line combination. The different symbols all pay differing amounts and these are displayed all over the slot games main screen. The player should remember that the more win lines that are active in the Netent Mega Joker game results in the higher chance they have of winning. The player once a winning line is created on the bottom section of the game has the option to bank the winnings or move up to the potentially lucrative top part of the slot game.

The supermeter mode at the top of the Netent Mega Joker game can reward the player with excellent winnings as the stakes risked are very high. The supermeter part of the game needs to be aggressively played if the player wishes to have any chance of success whilst playing this exciting slot game. To play the Netent Mega Joker game the player needs to master four buttons the collect, bet, max bet and spin buttons. These buttons are located at the bottom of the games main screen, the max bet button will increase players stake to ten. The sound and visual controls are located at the bottom left of the Netent Mega Joker screen and players can easily adjust all of these settings. The overall conclusion of the Netent Mega Joker game is that is offers players a great chance to enjoy a simple and traditional slot machine. The visual and sound effects are simple but manage to deliver the games simple theme very effectively to players who will feel like they are walking through the halls of a land based casino. The game play is very simple due to the lower reel and win line configuration and offers excellent winning potential to lucky players. If players would prefer a more complicated video slot the Novoline Sizzling Hot game is a good option for them to try.