Netent Icy Wonders

One of most successful and popular of all the UK online slots is the excellent Netent Icy Wonders game that is powered by Net Entertainment. The game has a very unique and highly entertaining theme focused on life in the icy cold North Pole and introduces some wonderful characters to players. These wonderful characters in the Netent Icy Wonders game include Eskimos and the game features the life that these Eskimos lead. The Netent Icy Wonders game immerses players in life in the North Pole as it details the igloos that these Eskimos live in and the animals that they inhabit the area with. The animals include penguins, huskies, polar bears and sea lions that are all fantastic creatures that live in this wonderful location. The theme in the Netent Icy Wonders game is an extravagant one transporting players to a strange and fascinating location that is very hard to get to. The games fun theme is only matched by the Netent Tiki Wonders slot that features another exotic and beautiful location that players dream of visiting. The visual and sound effects that deliver this icy theme are of the highest possible quality and manage to immerse players with the feeling of trekking across the North Pole.

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The Netent Icy Wonders game is a visual delight for players due the high quality different effects used in the slot. The different effects consist of the slots background, the symbols and the title text as these are the main visual attributes attached to the slot. The background in the Netent Icy Wonders game shows ice glaciers and water which is shown in a blue and crystal white colour. This background looks fantastic on the screen and really allows players to feel like they are in the North Pole so is very effective in delivering the theme. The symbols displayed in the Netent Icy Wonders game are a visual highlight of the slot as they detail different objects, people and animals that can be found in the North Pole. The symbols are all detailed in a fun cartoon style with bright and vibrant colours that look fantastic when they roll into the reels. The title text on display in the Netent Icy Wonders slot is an excellent part of the slots appearance as the words as displayed in an icy font that looks great on the screen. The text is displayed at the top and middle of the games main screen which stands out and catches player’s eyes.

The combination of the different visual effects in the Netent Icy Wonders slot work very well at making the player feel like they are in the North Pole in beautiful surroundings. The sound effects of the Netent Icy Wonders slot are of the highest possible performing level and are of the same high standard as the Netent Mega Fortune slot. The sound effects manage to completely absorb users in the playing atmosphere where birds can be heard singing above the cold ice. The various winning line combinations and different bonuses in the Netent Icy Wonders slot all have their own sound effect that is played when the feature is activated. The sound and visual effects combine together to create an excellent playing atmosphere that players will appreciate as it successfully delivers the games theme. The game play of the Netent Icy Wonders slot is of the first class as it offers a great format with some very exciting bonuses. The overall aim of the game is to line up three, four or five symbols across the win line to create a winning line combination. The various symbols all pay out different amounts varying on how many symbols are lined up and this can be seen in the games pay table.

The format of the Netent Icy Wonders slot is a five reel and thirty win line game giving players a large amount of choice over their win line selection. The large amount of choice makes the game perfect for the more advanced casino slot game players. The lower the amount of win lines selected means the less chance a player has of winning when they spin the reels and it also means that the spin is less expensive. The Netent Icy Wonders game has several different bonuses that can pay out fantastic amounts and are also very exciting and fun to play if activated. The first of the bonus rounds in the Netent Icy Wonders game is the wild bonus that is shown by the fish symbol. The fish symbol has the power to swap with any other symbol in the game to create a winning line combination making it a fantastic symbol for players to roll into the screen. The next bonus available in the Netent Icy Wonders slot is the scatter bonus that is shown by the Eskimo symbol. The player to activate this feature should spin in three, four or five Eskimos to unlock ten, twenty or thirty free spins respectively.

The free spins that are spun during the scatter bonus in the Netent Icy Wonders game pay all winnings on a multiplier of three to players making it an excellent feature. The next bonus in the Netent Icy Wonders game is the hugely fun penguin feature which is activated when three penguins arrive on the reels. The feature takes players to a new screen where they are shown a lineup of twelve penguins and the player then needs to select which penguin holds the most money. The player can continue selecting penguins that add money to their prize fund until they choose badly and the feature ends. The final bonus in the Netent Icy Wonders game is the huge progressive one and is represented by the star symbol. The bonus jackpot payment can be unlocked by either four or five stars arriving on the screen and this releases the mega wonder or wonder jackpot. The overall performance of the Netent Icy Wonders game is of the highest possible standard with a fantastic theme presented through excellent visual and sound effects. The game play is also of an excellent standard matched only by the Netent Hall of Gods game that gives similar opportunities for players to win big.