Netent Hall of Gods

One of the finest of all the UK online slots is the excellent Netent Hall of Gods game that offers players the amazing chance to play an extremely exciting and extravagantly themed slot. The theme is based on the various Greek gods and is set high up in the clouds and shows the fight for power between five of the main gods. The gods featured in the Netent Hall of Gods game are the wise Odin, the incredibly powerful Thor, the female warrior Freya, the evil Loki and the beautiful goddess Idun. These various gods live high above the clouds in a world very different to ours where they sit and decide the human’s fate down on Earth. The various Greek gods all have very different characters and are always fighting for power in the Netent Hall of Gods game. The Netent Hall of Gods game also features all of the different god’s instruments of power including Odin’s ring, Thor’s hammer, Freya’s necklace, Loki’s axe and Idun’s case of poisoned apples. These different themed instruments and god characters all combine to make a fantastically detailed and exciting slot game that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

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The intricate and exciting theme in the Netent Hall of Gods game is presented with fantastic visual and sound effects that really absorb the player in the world of the gods. The visual effects in the Netent Hall of the Gods game consist of three different visual elements the symbols, background and the title text. The background that is used in the slot is testament to the quality of the designers at Net Entertainment as it looks absolutely fantastic on the screen. The background shows a sea serpent fighting dramatically with a boat in very rough seas and the outside of the background shows some beautiful clouds. This background is fantastic at enhancing the games Greek gods theme. The symbols used in the Netent Hall of Gods game are amazing and are a large visual highlight as they feature all of the different gods and god’s instruments. The other symbols include the ravens, sea serpent and hammer and shield all of these symbols perform an amazing action 3D movement when they arrive on the reels. The various symbols in the Netent Hall of Gods game are brilliantly animated with dramatic style and vibrant colours that stand out on the screen brilliantly.

The title text in the Netent Hall of Gods game is displayed at the top left of the screen in a fitting gold colour that looks excellent and enhances the games theme for players. The various visual elements combine in the Netent Hall of Gods game to create a brilliant looking slot game that presents the slots theme in spectacular fashion. The only other slot that competes with the excellent effects on display here is the very attractive Microgaming Lord of the Rings game that is also very visually appealing. The sound effects used in the Netent Hall of Gods game is fantastic with various clever features players will love. These clever sound effects enhance the games theme as they include powerful godly noises and all of the games different features have their own individual sound effect. The game play that is available to players of the Netent Hall of Gods game is fantastic as it includes some amazing bonus features. The format of the game is a five reel and twenty win line set up. The player therefore needs to choose between spinning the reels with between one and twenty win lines active. The more win lines the player selects means the more chance they have of winning and the more expensive the spin is.

The overall aim of the Netent Hall of Gods game is very similar to the aim in the Netent Arabian Nights game where the player must line up three, four or five of the same symbols across the five reels. The various symbol’s in the game all pay the player different amounts and these amounts can be seen in the paytable. The other ways for players to win in the Netent Hall of Gods game is for them to unlock one of various bonus features that are available. The first of the bonus rounds that are up for grabs in the Netent Hall of Gods game is the wild feature that is represented by the sea serpent symbol. The wild sea serpent symbol has the ability to swap with any other feature in the game to create a winning line combination. If the player manages to spin this symbol into the second, third or fourth reel then the symbol expands and fills up the whole reel to create a large substitute feature that can be very useful. The next bonus available in the Netent Hall of Gods game is the scatter feature which is represented by the raven symbol. The scatter bonus is a popular feature across the Net Entertainment range and is also very valuable in the Netent Icy Wonders slot.

The scatter bonus works by the player spinning in three, four of five ravens on the screen at one time to unlock an increasing amount of free spins. The free spins pay all winning combinations at a multiplier of three making this an excellent and very lucrative feature in the Netent Hall of Gods game. The final and most powerful bonus in the Netent Hall of Gods game is the main feature that is represented by the hammer and shield symbol. The player must spin in three of these symbols to activate the feature and are then taken to a new screen where a spinning reel is shown. The player must stop the spinning reel on one of a number of different options including three different jackpots, the mega, midi and the mini. The different jackpot amounts in the Netent Hall of Gods slot are always visible to the player at the top of the games main screen. The various bonuses combine in the Netent Hall of Gods game to create a marvelous and highly exciting slot game that if played well can be very lucrative. This excellent slot game is one of most popular on the internet and can be found at the excellent casino highly recommend in this guide.