Netent Arabian Nights

The Netent Arabian Nights themed slot game is based on a famous fairytale that has since been made into numerous very famous films. The story behind these films and fairytales is based in Persia featuring a young mans the love for a very beautiful women. The story also features an evil prince and shows the love triangle between these three amazing characters. The Netent Arabian Nights game takes players back in time to Persia and places them in an amazing world filled with swords and magical lamps. The Netent Arabian Nights game also features sheiks and large beautiful palaces that complete a very enchanting and exciting slot game. The games mystical and very exotic theme will appeal to players who love films like Aladdin and want to immerse themselves in an exciting adventure through a beautiful land. The theme in this Netent Arabian Nights game is one of the most extravagant of all the UK online slots and promises players a fulfilling and exciting playing experience. One of the other amazing themed titles available from Net Entertainment is the Netent Hall of Gods game that features the Greek gods. These two titles are two of the most spectacularly themed slot games available on the market and both promise users a highly exciting playing experience.

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The visual and sound effects that deliver this extravagant theme in the Netent Arabian Nights game are of the highest possible standard resulting in the player being completely absorbed in the game. The games visual effects consist of the background of the slot, the symbols and the title text. The background of the Netent Arabian Nights game is one of the visual highlights of the slot as it enhances the games theme brilliantly. The background is a very well designed animated picture of an Arabian palace under a beautiful starlit sky that looks fantastic. The background is very detailed showing snakes coming out of a wicker basket and other traditional Arabian features that looks fantastic. The symbols used in the Netent Arabian Nights game are very well designed in an animated cartoon style and feature the traditional 9, 10, J, Q and K. The other themed symbols include an Arabian hat, camel, tent, slippers, sword, lamp and Arabian man that all really enhance the games theme. These symbols are all detailed in fantastic bright and vibrant colours in fun cartoon style animation. The title text in the Netent Arabian Nights slot is placed under the reels and is presented in a fun italic Arabian style font that enhances the games theme.

The sound effects in the Netent Arabian Nights game are fantastic as they cleverly enhance the games Arabian theme. The enhancing of this theme is done through the combination of different electronic tones to create an Arabian soundtrack that creates a fantastic atmosphere for players. The Arabian soundtrack in the Netent Arabian Nights slot also has value added to it with the different sound effects that are sounded with each different win line that arrives on the reels. The games various bonus rounds when triggered have their own individual sound effect that is played which is an effect players will love. The combination of the sound and visual effects in the Netent Arabian Nights slot creates a very authentic themed playing atmosphere. The game play available in the Netent Arabian Nights slot is excellent and this is very important as this ultimately controls how easily and how much money can be won. The format of the slot is a five reel and ten win line game meaning players have to choose between spinning the reels with one and ten win lines active. The more win lines that the player selects means the more chance the player has of winning and the more expensive the spin of the reels is.

The overall aim of the Netent Arabian Nights game is to line up three, four or five of the same symbols adjacently from the left to the right across the win line. The various symbols in the slot game all pay different amounts to the player and these can be seen in the games pay table. The player can also unlock different bonuses in the Netent Arabian Nights slot that will result in large winnings be achieved. The first of the bonuses up for grabs is the scatter bonus that is represented by the magical lamp symbol. The player needs to spin in a minimum of three of the lamp symbols to unlock the scatter bonus which is fifteen free spins multiplied by three. These free spins can lead to massive winnings for the player in the Netent Arabian Nights game and is an excellent bonus for players to unlock. The next important bonus feature in the Netent Arabian Nights slot is the excellent wild bonus that is also known as the substitute bonus. The wild bonus is represented by the large Arabian man symbol that has the power to swap with any other symbol on the board to create a winning line.

The wild bonus also includes a rule that wherever the Arabian man symbol is involved in creating a winning line combination that payment is automatically doubled. The Arabian man symbol in the Netent Arabian Nights slot also signifies the jackpot payment. If the player manages to line up five of these symbols across the winning line the jackpot is released, this jackpot can be seen at the top right of the games main screen. The player needs to remember when playing the Netent Arabian Nights slot that the more symbols are lined up from the left to the right means the higher the winning amount paid. The smallest payment is made on three symbols, then four and then five symbols. The player should also always play the Netent Arabian Nights slot with the most win lines as possible active meaning they have the highest chance of winning. This fantastic slot game is very similar in its style of play to the excellent Netent Super Lucky Frog game and players can enjoy both these games at the fantastic casino recommended in this guide. The Netent Arabian Nights game offers a sensational theme that players will love, however if players prefer similar theme and style of play the Novoline Xtra Hot game is highly recommended.