Microgaming Thunderstruck

One of the most popular and successful of all the UK online slots is the incredible themed title Microgaming Thunderstruck which despite being several years old is still a huge selling game. The game is themed on the Norse god of thunder called Thor who is famous for squashing his enemies with his huge hammer. The Microgaming Thunderstruck game will really appeal to fans of the Norse fantasy stores and legends based on the Gods like Odin and heroes like Thor. This fantasy themed slot game has a similar theme to that of the Microgaming Lord of the Rings game as both these fantasy stories are about an alternate reality. The Microgaming Thunderstruck slot takes players into a fantastic world of Viking boats and fearsome warriors where legends like Thor rule with an iron fist. The elaborate theme of the Microgaming Thunderstruck game is delivered to players through exceptional graphics and sound effects that cleverly differentiate themselves from the famous comics. Thor the thunder god character became very famous in his famous DC comics where he was drawn as a much softer character. The game does not use the same effects as in the famous comics instead uses a very hard style that looks excellent on the screen.

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The graphics used in the Microgaming Thunderstruck game are fantastic and still look state of the art despite the game being several years old. The graphics used in the slot consist of the background, symbols and the title text. The background of the Microgaming Thunderstruck game is a stormy night’s sky with a lightning bolt coming through the centre of the screen that looks fantastic. The background colours are a blue and black which is very atmospheric and in keeping with the games theme. The symbols used in the game are a visual highlight of the slot which is very similar to the Microgaming Major Millions game. The symbols are cleverly drawn animated characters reflecting different elements of the themed Norse story including a Viking boat, castle, lightning bolts, Thorn, a hammer and the traditional 9, 10, J, Q, K and A. The symbols used in the Microgaming Thunderstruck game and all drawn in fantastic animation with very bold affects and bright and vibrant colours. The next important visual component of the Microgaming Thunderstruck game is the title text that is used as this is a very dramatic quality effect. The font is a combination of a fiery red and orange colour and is presented in a very bold style that really stands out from the screen.

The combination of the different visual attributes of the Microgaming Thunderstruck game works really well and creates a slot that is very pleasing to the eye. The sound effects are another crucially important part of the slot game as these are a very important part of the playing atmosphere that’s created for players. The sounds will remind players of thunder and stormy weather and are various very dramatic noises that players will love. The various winning line combinations in the Microgaming Thunderstruck game all have their own sound effects which are played to signify a line has been created on reels. The combination of the sounds and visual effects in the Microgaming Thunderstruck game work together brilliantly well to create a first rate exciting playing atmosphere. The game play in the slot is exceptional with some great bonuses and a small exciting slot format. The format of the Microgaming Thunderstruck game is a five reel and nine win line game where players have the choice of spinning the reels with between one and nine lines active. The more win lines that are active means that the player stands more chance of winning and it also means the cost of the spin is higher.

The bonuses that are available to be won are very similar to the Microgaming Mega Moolah slot where players have the opportunity to quickly and easily raise their prize fund. The first of the bonuses in the Microgaming Thunderstruck slot is the substituting wild bonus that is represented by the Thor symbol. The Thor symbol has the power to swap with any other symbol in the game to create a winning line combination. Any winning line in the Microgaming Thunderstruck game that includes the Thor symbol in automatically doubles the payout to the player. The next bonus in the Microgaming Thunderstruck game is the scatter feature and this bonus is shown by the ram symbol. If two rams show on the screen at any one time then a payment is made to the player and if three or more ram symbols appear on the screen free spins are awarded. If the player triggers the scatter bonus they receive fifteen free spins that are all paid at a multiplier of three making it a very potentially lucrative feature. The Microgaming Thunderstruck game does feature a third bonus the gamble feature that allows players the chance to quickly double or quadruple their winnings.

The combination of the three different bonuses makes the Microgaming Thunderstruck game a very aggressive playing environment where if players spin the reels wisely they can be very successful. The overall aim of the game is to line up three, four or five symbols from the left to the right across a win line. The different symbols in the Microgaming Thunderstruck game all pay different amounts to the player and these can be seen in the games pay table. The bottom of the games main screen is home to all of the editing option buttons that players can alter the sound and visual effects with. One of the best tactics for players to employee in this Microgaming Thunderstruck game is an aggressive one where players increase the win line selection and stake amount to a maximum. This is done so that the amount paid out is very high making it a very attractive strategy for brave players. The overall conclusion of the Microgaming Thunderstruck game is that it offers players an amazing theme on a very exciting subject matter. The visual and sound effects that are used to present this theme are done in a very classy way that look and sound fantastic.