Microgaming Major Millions

The Microgaming Major Millions slot is one of the leading UK online slots with huge player numbers from all over the world. The game is supremely popular due its fun theme, outstanding graphics and the huge winning potential. The theme of the Microgaming Major Millions game is about an army major who controls the fighting forces over the land, air and sea. The game is full of tanks, battleships and planes and the player will really enjoy playing a slot that features these very famous items. The player in the Microgaming Major Millions game takes the roll of the major with his huge moustache and impeccably smart uniform. The exciting game also features other items related to the armed forces including medals, ammunition and binoculars that really help immerse the player in the war related game. The Microgaming Major Millions slot game is perfect for players who are interested in the armed forces and war related topics as it features these heavily throughout. The games army theme is presented to players through excellent visual and sound effects that manage to bring the games theme to life. The theme is more extravagant than the ones found in many other games and this is a large advantage surrounding this slot.

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The visual effects in the Microgaming Major Millions game include the background, symbols and the title text that’s presented to players. The background of the slot is a plain blue colour with no strong details and this allows the games symbols and title text to really stand out. The plain blue background is very similar to the one used in the Novoline Reel King game without the wallpapered Kings emblem. The symbols used in the Microgaming Major Millions slot game are a visual treat for the user as they show different armed forces related objects like the major’s hat and top secret documents. The symbols are animated in a cartoon style effect that looks excellent and is very comical, the symbols guarantee to make players laugh. The title text of the Microgaming Major Millions slot is shown at the bottom of the screen under the reels and looks excellent in bright and vibrant colours. The text is drawn in a font that expands from the two sides which really stands out on the games main screen and looks very dramatic. The combination of the background, title text and symbols creates a very visually appealing slot game that players will love.

The sound effects in the Microgaming Major Millions slot create a great playing environment that is in keeping with the games armed forces theme. The sound effects will remind a player of being on a battle field and the different winning line combinations play unique sounds to symbolize that they have been activated. The unique sounds in the Microgaming Major Millions game include guns firing and planes flying over head which sound wonderful and really add value to the player’s experience. The combination of the visual and sound effects in the Microgaming Major Millions slot creates a first rate playing atmosphere that will remind players of the Microgaming King Cashalot game. The most important element of the slot game is the game play that is offered to players as this control’s the player’s chances of winning. The game play of the Microgaming Major Millions slot includes the slots format and the bonus features that are on offer to players. The format of the slot is a five reel and fifteen win line game giving players a moderate amount of choice of their win line selection. The more win lines that the player chooses to have active means the more expensive the spin of the reels is and the more chance a player has of winning.

The main aim for players in the Microgaming Major Millions game is to line up three, four of five of the same symbols from the left the right across the win line. This is the same main objective as in the majority of Microgaming slots including the Microgaming Mega Moolah casino slot game. The different symbols in the game all pay out different amounts to players and these can be seen in the games pay table which opens into a new screen to clearly display the information to players. The Microgaming Major Millions game features different bonuses that can be activated in the aim of raising the player’s prize fund. The first of the bonuses in the Microgaming Major Millions game is the wild bonus that is represented by the major millions logo and has ability to swap with any other symbol in the game. The major millions symbol when involved in creating a winning line combination automatically trebles the winning amount paid to the player. The Microgaming Major Millions slot also has a lucrative scatter bonus that is represented by the scatter symbol and players need to spin three, four or five of these symbols into the screen.

The scatter bonus when activated is a bonus payment that increases the more symbols arrive on the screen. The Microgaming Major Millions slot has a wonderful progressive jackpot feature that can reward the player with a huge life changing sum of money if they are lucky enough to activate it. The player needs to line up five of the Microgaming Major Miliions logs symbols across the win line to win the huge jackpot. The jackpot is a progressive one that is always increasing and can be viewed at the top of the games main screen. The player has full control over the sound and visual options in the Microgaming Major Millions slot and can alter these at the bottom left of the screen. In conclusion of the Microgaming Major Millions game it offers players a fun armed forces theme and stars a very large charismatic major character that players will love. The visual and sound effects of the slot are excellent and look fantastic on the screen with the different cartoon animated drawings. The slot has excellent game play with a good slot format and numerous different bonuses that players can take advantage of to raise their prize fund.