Microgaming Hitman

If players are searching for a dark and exciting adventure slot game they should look no further than the amazing Microgaming Hitman slot. The game is one of the most successful and hugely popular slot games on the internet offering players the chance to enjoy a slot based on the hit computer game from Eidos. The computer game was such a smash hit that it soon grabbed Hollywood’s attention and an exciting and spectacular smash hit movie was released based on the game. The storyline behind the Microgaming Hitman slot tells the story of a professional assassin know as agent 47. The world that agent 47 lives in is a brutal one as he is tasked from a governing body with killing various special targets. These tasks are also known as hits and are completed successfully thanks to agent 47’s impressive arsenal of weapons and special training. The exciting theme in the Microgaming Hitman game will appeal to players who like the idea of action and adventure. The movie based theme in the Microgaming Hitman slot is very popular with movie fans and another game based on a movie is the excellent Microgaming Hellboy game.

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The visual and sound effects used in the Microgaming Hitman game are fully licensed by Eidos so players can enjoy great cinematic clips and booming sound effects. The effects used are first rate and are some of the most attractive of any of the UK online slots on the market place. The visual effects comprises of the slots background, symbols and the title text that are used to deliver the games theme to players. The background used in the Microgaming Hitman slot is a plain menacing black colour that builds a very dark image to the slot. The background effectively delivers the games dark and evil image that is attached to the dangerous job of being an international assassin. The symbols used in the Microgaming Hitman slot are a visual highlight of the game as they include various exciting cinematic clips. The different symbols include agent 47’s arsenal of weapons including pistols, knives, machine gun, strangling wire and lethal injection. All of these weapons are displayed in great animated detail with vibrant colours. The other symbols in the Microgaming Hitman game include the 18, laptop, money and two different images of agent 47, these agent 47 symbols when involved in a winning line combination perform a cinematic clip that looks amazing on the reels.

The title text used in the Microgaming Hitman slot is excellent as it stands out nicely from the black background in a bullet coloured silver. The text also features the image behind it of agent 47 is his suit with leather gloves on ready for action. The different visual effects work together brilliantly to deliver the slot games film theme in a very similar visual style as the Microgaming Thunderstruck game. The sound effects in the Microgaming Hitman game are excellent and based on the popular film and video game. The background sounds come from the games sound track and the different winning line combinations and bonus rounds are greeted with special sounds. These special sounds in the Microgaming Hitman slot include gun shots and other action noises that build suspense levels for the player. The combination of the visual and sound effects in the Microgaming Hitman game successfully deliver the games exciting and action packed movie theme to player. The most important part of the slot game, even more so than the movie theme, is the game play that is on offer. The game play controls how easily and how much money a player can win so are vitally important.

The format of the Microgaming Hitman slot is a five reel and fifteen win lines slot giving players a moderate amount of flexibility over there win line selection. The more win lines a player spins the reels with means the more expensive the spin and the more chance they have of winning. The different symbols all pay different amounts to the player in the Microgaming Hitman game and these can be seen in the games pay table. The bonus rounds up for grabs in this title are excellent and are only matched by the excellent Microgaming Major Millions slot. The first of the bonus rounds is the excellent wild feature that is represented by the agent 47 symbol where he is sporting two guns. This symbol can be swapped with any other in the Microgaming Hitman game to create a winning line combination making it an excellent symbol. The next excellent feature in the Microgaming Hitman slot is the sensational scatter feature that is represented by the 18 symbol. The player needs to spin in a minimum of three scatter symbols to trigger the bonus which is 18 free spins paid at a multiplier of two.

The final bonus in the Microgaming Hitman game is the highlight of the slots performance as it is an excellent feature. The bonus can be triggered by the player managing to spin either a laptop or an insignia symbol onto the screen. The player is the transferred to another screen in the Microgaming Hitman game where they are presented with a mission briefing that the player has to accept. The mission involves completing a high profile hit that will be rewarded with a huge jackpot payment. This bonus is incredibly exciting and one that players will love due to its action packed content. The various bonuses in the Microgaming Hitman game work together brilliantly to create a very lucrative and exciting slot game for players. The overall conclusion of the Microgaming Hitman game is that it presents an adrenaline charged action packed story to players through excellent visual and sound effects. The playing atmosphere presented in the slot game manages to create lots suspense which is a fantastic effect. The game play of this slot is a fast flowing game with several excellent bonuses that can reward the player with huge jackpot payments as well as being very exciting to play through.