IGT Wheel of Fortune

The IGT Wheel of Fortune game is based on the smash hit American TV quiz show that was then made into a UK TV quiz show and was hugely popular. The English version of the show was launched in 1995 and had several high profile presenters including John Leslie and Bradley Walsh. The IGT Wheel of Fortune game tries to keep as close to the original quiz shows theme as possible so that players can enjoy an authentic playing experience. The game is a premier example of UK online slots as it accurately reproduces a very popular TV program into a slot format players can really enjoy. The TV program used to be very famous for its fantastic prizes that included trips on luxury boats, jewelry, holidays and gold. The IGT Wheel of Fortune accurately reproduces these fun prizes and players will really feel like they are playing on the real quiz show. The ultimate goal in the quiz show would be to answer as many questions as possible correctly to be able to spin the wheel that would result in massive prizes for the lucky player. The IGT Wheel of Fortune game accurately reproduces this end goal where players try to ultimately win through to be able to spin the wheel to win prizes.

The visual effects that are used to convey this TV quiz show themed slot game are excellent as players will really imagine that they are live at the studios playing this fantastic game. The visual effects in the IGT Wheel of Fortune game comprise of the slots background, title text and the symbols that are displayed to players. The visual effects are of an excellent standard and drawn many parallels to the IGT Rainbow Riches game. The background used in the IGT Wheel of Fortune game is a fantastic retro looking display that is combination of light blue and gold colours. The styling of the background looks fantastic and is a realistic effect that really allows players to feel like they are playing the famous quiz show. The symbols used in the IGT Wheel of Fortune game are a combination of different gold bars, a yacht, beach, diamond ring, melon, blackberry, orange and strawberry. The other symbols in the game include the wheel of fortune, wild and bonus jackpot symbol. All of the symbols presented in the IGT Wheel of Fortune game are detailed in bright colours and a crisp and clear style of animation.

The title text that is on display in the IGT Wheel of Fortune game is a replication of the famous text displayed in the quiz show. The font is large and chunky and displayed in a gold colour that really stands out from the screen. The combination of the different visual elements of the IGT Wheel of Fortune game work together brilliantly well to accurately recreate the famous television studio. The sound effects in the IGT Wheel of Fortune game are excellent and recreate the sound of the television program. Players of the game will instantly recognize the background sound effects from the television program which is excellent at creating a good playing environment. The spin the wheel bonus round in the IGT Wheel of Fortune game has its own unique sound effect that really raises the tempo and excitement levels of the game. The IGT Star Trek game is similarly themed off a hit TV series and has sound effects that recreate the sounds played on the program. The most important part of a slot games performance is the game play that is on offer as this controls the chance a player has of winning when they spin the reels.

The format of the IGT Wheel of Fortune game is a five reel and five win line game giving the player a minimal amount of choice over their win line selection. This low amount of win line options makes for a fast flowing slot game that is easy to learn and perfect for beginners. The overall aim of the IGT Wheel of Fortune game is to line up three, four or five symbols across the reels from the left to right. The different symbols in the game all pay out different amounts to the player and these can be seen in the games pay table. The IGT Wheel of Fortune game features a couple of different bonus options that offer player’s a good chance to finish the game with a healthy looking prize fund. The first of the bonuses in the IGT Wheel of Fortune game is the wild bonus where players can spin in the wild symbol that can swap with other symbols in the game. The wild symbol does this to create winning line combinations and cannot swap with the bonus jackpot or wheel of fortune symbol. The game features a huge jackpot which is won if five wild symbols run across the five reels.

The main bonus feature in the IGT Wheel of Fortune game is the excellent spin the wheel feature that can be activated by spinning three wheel symbols adjacently across a win line. The bonus when activated takes the player into a new screen where they are displayed a spinning wheel with different prizes all over it. The wheel bonus feature in the IGT Wheel of Fortune slot is an exact replica of the wheel found in the TV quiz show which is an effect players will really enjoy. The player must stop the wheel on a prize they are then offered the chance to repeat the bet. Some parts of the wheel are labeled bankrupt and will end the player’s session so the player needs to make the decision if they will play on wisely. The wheel also houses the jackpot bonus which is the best place for the wheel to stop and will result in huge winnings in the IGT Wheel of Fortune game. The different bonuses make the IGT Wheel of Fortune game very appealing and an excellent slot game for players to try and play. The other game that has similar excellent bonus features and high winning potential is the IGT Transformers game.