IGT Transformers

The IGT Transformers game is a brilliantly well thought out slot machine that is themed on a hit animated TV program from the 1980’s. The program was hugely successful and resulted in huge amounts of merchandise and toys being sold based on the cartoon. The series was so successful that there has recently been a hit movie released based on the original excellent TV series. The IGT Transformers slot ignores the film and recreates the excellent animated series with fantastic end results. This game is a fine example of how good UK online slots are as it closely manages to follow the story created in the famous series. The story of the IGT Transformers game tells the tale of two different races of alien robots called the Decepticon’s and the Autobot’s. These two types of aliens hate each other and are in a war that has been running for many years against each other. The Autobots represent the good side of the Aliens and the Decepticons the wicked and evil side. The IGT Transformers game features different characters from both the Decepticon and Autobot side that players will really enjoy having the opportunity to play with.

The games visual and sound effects are excellent as they very closely recreate the animated TV series and fans of the television series will love this effect. The background of the IGT Transformers game is an animated drawing of Megatron, the hero of the Autobot army, standing with a large gun in front of a backdrop of a city. The background is an all orange colour that looks fantastic on the screen and the whole background is very effective at delivering the games theme. The next very important visual element of the IGT Transformers game is the symbols that are used and these are the traditional 10, J, Q, K and A. The themed symbols in the slot are different characters from the excellent TV series including the Bumblebee, Jazz, Starscream, Sunowave robots who are all detailed in fantastic colourful animation. There is also the Decepticon wild and Autobot wild symbols that look fantastic on the screen as they are drawn in a logo design. The symbols are a visual highlight of the IGT Transformers slot and will remind players of the animated design seen in the Microgaming Thunderstruck slot. The next important part of the IGT Transformers slots visual appearance is the title text that’s displayed to players.

The title text is taken directly from the TV program which is perfect in delivering the games theme and looks fantastic on the screen. The title text in the IGT Transformers game will keep fans of the game really happy as it will remind them of this excellent television program. The different visual effects combine in the IGT Transformers game to create an excellent looking slot game that is true to the original TV series. The sound effects used in the IGT Transformers game are of the highest possible standard and greet players with the TV programs slogan remark ‘Transformers Robots in Disguise’. This is an effect players will love and the rest of the games sound effects are very much in keeping with the popular TV series. The various winning line combinations in the IGT Transformers game all have their own themed sound effect that is played which adds lots of value for users. The sound effects in the IGT Star Trek game are of a similar high standard as they very accurately recreate sounds from a TV program. The combination of the sound and visual effects create a very authentic recreation of the hit animated television series which is an effect that players will really enjoy.

The game play on offer in the IGT Transformers game is of the highest possible standard as it presents players with a great slot format and attractive bonus rounds. The format of the IGT Transformers slot game is a five reel and twenty five win line game where players have the chance to select their win line selection. The amount of lines to select from is a large one giving players a large amount of choice which is good for the more advanced players. The first of the bonuses on offer in the IGT Transformers game is the wild bonus that is represented by three different symbols. The Cybertron wild symbol has the ability when involved in creating a winning line to increase the winning payment by between 2x and 10x. The other two wild bonus symbols in the IGT Transformers game are the Decepticon and Autobot wild bonus symbols which have the ability to expand over the whole reel. This expanding symbol is fantastic as it dramatically increases player’s chances of creating a winning line combination and raising their prize fund. The only symbols that the wild bonus symbols do not swap with are the two different bonus symbols.

The main bonus round in the IGT Transformers game is called the ultimate payback feature and this can be activated by the player spinning in the bonus symbols in the first and fifth reels. The bonus when activated launches the Decepticon and Autobot robots into war. The player must decide which robot will win and are awarded a bonus payment if they are right, the player also enjoys free spins until the battle is over. This is an excellent bonus in the IGT Transformers game that gives players a great chance of winning large amounts. The jackpot in the IGT Transformers game is shown by the transformers logo symbol and the player must spin in five of these symbols across the five reels to win the jackpot. The bonuses on offer in this game are excellent but if players would prefer a much simpler slot game then the IGT Double Diamonds game is a good option. In conclusion the IGT Transformers slot game offers players an amazing chance to play a game themed on a smash hit animated TV series. The graphics and sound effects very accurately recreate this TV program and the game has an excellent style that players will love.