IGT Star Trek

The IGT Star Trek game is themed on the latest hit film from the Star Trek series of movies and features the actor images from the latest 11th film bought out in 2009. The film was highly successful winning Oscars and featured the original characters from the earliest films including Spook and Captain Kirk. The game is example of one of the most advanced UK online slots due to the huge variety of bonus features and game modes that are available. The large amount of options means that the IGT Star Trek game can be incredibly rewarding and involving but it does take some time for players to fully master. The theme of the IGT Star Trek game is in keeping to that of the film and tells the story of a spaceship called the Starship Enterprise that patrols the galaxy keeping the peace. The ship is captained by Captain James Kirk who steers the ship and keeps the crew out of harm’s way from evil forces like the Romulians. The exciting and attractive theme in the IGT Star Trek game will keep players on the edge of their seats and fans of the movie will love this game.

The visual effects used in the IGT Star Trek game are first rate market leading effects and the quality will blow players away. The visual effects are light years ahead of other titles like the IGT Wheel of Fortune game which this slot game makes look very ordinary. The background of the IGT Star Trek game is the inside of the Starship Enterprise and features the ship’s deck showing the ship’s controls and a large window looking out into space. The background is an excellent effect that really delivers the games outer space theme to players. The symbols used in the IGT Star Trek game are the traditional 10, J, Q, K and A symbols which are displayed with the Star Trek logo behind which looks excellent. The themed symbols in the slot include the different characters like Spook, Capt Kirk, Scotty and Uhura. These themed symbols are cinematic quality shots that really bring the games movie theme to life. The IGT Star Trek game features numerous different bonuses that include some unique symbols that all presented in the same excellent style. The title text is displayed at the top of the games main screen and is a replica of the one used in the hit movie and looks excellent on the screen.

The sound effects used in the IGT Star Trek game are a highlight of the slot games performance as they very accurately recreate the sound track of the hit film. This is a similar effect to that used in the IGT Transformers slot where players are immersed in the sounds from the hit movie and TV series. The sounds used in the IGT Star Trek game change when each new bonus feature is loaded up which adds lots of value for the player. The sounds are all space related with lazar guns firing and large ships flying overhead. The combination of the excellent visual and sound effects in the IGT Star Trek game create a fantastic playing atmosphere that will keep fans of the hit movie very happy. The game play on offer in the IGT Star Trek game is very detailed and fairly complex due to the large amount of bonus features on offer. If the player would prefer much simpler title with minimal bonuses and win lines then they should try the Netent Mega Joker slot game. The format of the slot game is the popular five reel and twenty win line set up giving players a good amount of flexibility over their win line selection.

The overall aim in the IGT Star Trek game is to line up three, four or five of the same symbols adjacently from the left to the right across the win line. The different symbols all pay differing amounts to the user and these can be seen in the games pay table. The IGT Star Trek game as well as having this overall aim has numerous different bonuses available to players. The first of the bonuses is the wild feature which is represented by the Star Trek logo symbol which has the power to swap with any other symbol in the game. The wild symbol by being able to substitute with any other symbol increases player’s chances of creating winning line combinations. The IGT Star Trek game then has four different bonus features that are named after the games main characters the Scotty bonus, the Spock bonus, Uhura Bonus and the Kirk bonus. The bonuses are triggered by the player spinning two bonus symbols on the screen and one of the different character symbols. This action in the IGT Star Trek game takes players into a new screen called the transporter room and offers them the choice of three different beams. The different beams results in different amounts of bonuses being awarded to the player.

The different character bonuses in the IGT Star Trek game award the player with different items the Kirk bonus is win spins. The Spock and Uhura bonuses are free spins and the Scotty bonus is a win multiplier. The different character bonuses all feature different symbols and sound effects which is an excellent effect adding lots of value to the IGT Star Trek game. These different bonuses present huge winning potential for the players and are hugely exciting to activate. In conclusion of the IGT Star Trek game is that it offers players a great chance to enjoy a slot game themed on a smash hit movie. The game accurately recreates the movie showing cinematic quality images and sound effects from the film. The IGT Star Trek game has some outstanding winning potential with five different bonuses on offer for players to master. The bonuses are all potentially very lucrative but are also very exciting to play through. The four character bonuses in the game are all accompanied with their own unique sound effect that adds lots of excitement to the slot for players.