IGT Monopoly

The most famous board game of all time was first invented in 1930 and has now been available for many years offering players the chance to play a property based game that is both fun and very entertaining. The original board game is a property trading game where players try to build up a property empire more valuable that the other players. The IGT Monopoly slot game manages to keep the slot version of the game very much in keeping with the original hugely successful board game that has had a huge fan base for 70 years. The fans of the board game will love the IGT Monopoly slot and will really enjoy the opportunity to race round the slot game trying to win money. The IGT Monopoly slot is an excellent game that offers players a unique chance to enjoy a game closely themed on the very famous board game. The great game offers players the chance to buy apartments in some fantastic areas and take on the role of different new game pieces like the mobile phone and cheese burger. The IGT Monopoly game cements its place as one of the premier UK online slots due to the quality of the visual and sound effects that are used to deliver the games theme to players.

The visual effects of the IGT Monopoly game are fantastic and comprise of the background, symbols and title text that are on display. The symbols used in the slot game are of the highest standard and are of a similar standard to the symbols on display in the IGT Wheel of Fortune game. The symbols used in IGT Monopoly game are the 9, 10, J, Q, K and A symbols and the airport, utilities and property symbols. The game also features the Monopoly logo, wild and bonus board symbol. These symbols in the IGT Monopoly game all look excellent on the screen as they are detailed in bright colours and very crisp and clear affects that look fantastic. The background used in the IGT Monopoly game is a visual highlight of the slot as it looks brilliant combining three different colours and a high level of finish. The background shows a large city with skyscrapers towering into the night’s sky with fireworks exploding which looks excellent. The title text used in the game is taken from the very famous logo used on the board game which instantly adds value to the themes delivery for players.

The different visual elements of the IGT Monopoly slot combine together brilliantly well to create a very visually appealing slot game that players will really enjoy. The sound effects in the IGT Monopoly game are fantastic and will remind players of the excellent effects played in the IGT Kitty Glitter slot. The background noise is very jazzy and in keeping with the board games traditional classy feel. The winning line combinations when they arrive on the reels sets off a special individual electronic tone that really adds to a user’s enjoyment. The game play in the IGT Monopoly game is excellent and slightly complicated making the game perfect for the more experienced casino slot game players. The complex feel to the slot comes from the bonus rounds that are on offer as they are very intricate and detailed. The format of the IGT Monopoly game is a five reel and twenty win line slot game where players have the ability to decide how win lines they want to spin the reels with active. Players should remember that the more win lines they have active means the higher their winning chances. The different symbols in the game all pay out different amounts to players and these can been seen in the games pay table.

The bonus rounds in the IGT Monopoly game allow for great winning potential where if the player plays smartly they can win fantastic amounts. The first of the special bonuses available is the wild bonus that is represented by the wild symbol which has the ability to swap with any other symbol on the board to create a winning line. The only symbols that the wild symbol does not have the ability to swap with are the bonus trigger and free parking symbols. The next important feature in the IGT Monopoly game is the special bonus board that serves like a compressed version of the real board game. The player during the IGT Monopoly game can spin in deeds to the reels which upgrade the properties purchased on the bonus board. The player can also collect free parking bonuses when spinning the reels which are stored until the player lands on that section in the bonus board. The player to activate and access the bonus board needs to spin in three of the bonus board symbols in the IGT Monopoly game. The bonus board is a fantastic feature that can result in some excellent winnings and rewards players for a longer playing session.

The IGT Monopoly game also has a gamble bonus that is offered to players at the end of every winning spin of the reels where the winning amount is worth less than 3000 credits. The player is presented with a deck of cards where they must select if the next card will be black or red. This is essentially a fifty/fifty bet where the player can double their winnings making it a potentially very lucrative but risky bet. If the player guesses the gamble bonus right in the IGT Monopoly game they can repeat the feature to further increase their prize fund. The gamble bonus is a very popular feature seen across numerous different games including the excellent IGT Rainbow Riches slot. The IGT Monopoly game also offers players the chance to choose what level of graphics they would like the slot displayed in. The player can choose a simpler setting where they the speed of the games increased, this is an excellent options for players with a slow internet connection. The overall evaluation of the IGT Monopoly game is that offers players the chance to play a slot game based on a very famous and popular board game. The slot game has some very exciting bonuses including the exquisite board game round that players will love.