IGT Kitty Glitter

One of the most interesting themes for a UK online slots game can be seen in the excellent IGT Kitty Glitter title that focuses on the very famous household pet and glittering diamonds. The two different themes in the IGT Kitty Glitter game combine very cleverly resulting in the game mainly being targeted towards females. The two different themes are cats and diamonds which are both a women’s best friend and highly desirable objects. The IGT Kitty Glitter game focuses on two hugely popular items, diamonds as they are highly desirable and cats as they are a much loved and popular creature. The IGT Kitty Glitter game therefore appeals to people who love either diamonds, cats or both. The imaginative theme presents fans of these two items with the great opportunity to play a slot game that is tailored to their interests. The fun theme is presented to players through very stylish graphics and clever sound effects. The game features four different breeds of cats which are the most famous breeds so players will like the fact that they will recognize these animals easily. If players would rather play a game that does not have an animal related theme then the Microgaming King Cashalot game offers a similar playing experience with a different history related theme.

The visual effects that are used to deliver the diamond and cat related theme in the IGT Kitty Glitter game are excellent and consist of the background, title text and symbols. The title text of the game is centrally placed at the top of the games main screen in a silver italic font with a purple surrounding border colour. The colour of the font is in keeping with the games diamond theme and looks excellent as it clearly stands out on the screen. The background of the IGT Kitty Glitter game is a deep red colour with sparkling silver diamonds shining throughout which is a truly excellent effect. The symbols used in the slot are a visual highlight of the game and will remind players of the animated jewelry symbols in the IGT Double Diamonds game. The various in symbols in the IGT Kitty Glitter game include the four different cats, the white Persian, the orange tabby, the calico and the Siamese. The traditional 10, J, Q, K and A symbols, a bowl of diamonds, one large diamond symbol and the Kitty Glitter logo symbol. These different symbols in the IGT Kitty Glitter game are all animated with a fantastic effect with bright colours that look great on the screen.

The symbols, background and title text combine really nicely in the IGT Kitty Glitter game to create an excellent looking slot game. The sound effects of the IGT Kitty Glitter game sound sensational as the background noise is a very upbeat and jazzy tune that players will love. The playing atmosphere that these sounds contribute too is excellent and players will really enjoy the effect that they create. The various winning line combinations in the IGT Kitty Glitter game all have their own electronic tune that is played to signify that they have been rolled in on the reels. The games different bonus rounds all have their own effects that raise the tempo of the game and the player’s excitement levels. The most important part of a casino slot game is the game play that is on offer as this control’s the winning potential for a player. The format of the IGT Kitty Glitter game is a five reel and thirty win line game where players have the chance to choose their win line selection from between one and thirty lines being active. The overall aim for players is to line up three, four or five symbols up across a win line to create a winning line combination.

The different symbols in the IGT Kitty Glitter game all pay different amounts to the player and these can be reviewed in the games pay table. The game features numerous bonuses that are very attractive and offer players great winning potential. The different bonuses in the IGT Kitty Glitter game include a wild and a scatter feature that are very similar to those found in the IGT Monopoly game. The wild bonus is represented by numerous different symbols; the main two are the large diamond and the kitty glitter logo symbol. The large diamond symbol as well as acting as a substituting symbol also adds diamonds to the bottom of the screen which turns different cats into wild symbols. The more diamonds that are collected means that the more cat symbols turn into wild symbols therefore increasing players winning chances. This is an excellent feature of the IGT Kitty Glitter game and rewards players who have longer playing session as there winning chances will increase. The player can have up to six different symbols acting as wild symbols whilst playing the IGT Kitty Glitter slot game meaning that almost every spin could be a winning one.

The next important bonus up for grabs in the IGT Kitty Glitter slot is the scatter feature where players can win lots of free spins. The scatter bonus in the IGT Kitty Glitter game is triggered by the bowl of diamonds symbol where players need to spin in three of these symbols to active the bonus. The bonus is fifteen free spins paying the player at a multiplier of three which is a potentially hugely lucrative bonus for players. The combination of the different bonuses make the IGT Kitty Glitter game a premier choice for players as it offers excellent winning potential. The overall conclusion of the IGT Kitty Glitter game is that it presents a very unique theme combining two different factors that certain players will love. The visual and sound effects manage to create an excellent playing atmosphere that uses will love as it creates a real suspense filled game. The game play is excellent as the slot format presents players with lots of flexibility and choice over their win line selection. The various bonuses on offer are also excellent and give players ample opportunity to raise their prize fund to extremely high amounts.